Jean Pollard, Dip. Int.Des.& Décor

11 Camrose Place,
Christchurch 8041

Phone, text or e-mail Jean for an appointment.

telephone 03 358 7943
mobile 022 350 3368

While no longer dealing in hand knotted rugs Jean is continuing to offer
her her expert repair, cleaning, valuing and interior design service in Ilam,
around the corner from the College of Education.


Inexpert dry cleaning can damage a hand knotted rug, sometimes producing drastic and permanent colour changes. Rugs which have become grubby or stained need professional cleaning to restore them to their original appearance.  Fendalton Rugs provides an expert cleaning service for hand knotted rugs


Hand knotted rugs vary enormously in value depending on construction, design, age, country of origin and condition. Rugs which have been purchased second hand or overseas or passed down in the family are particularly difficult to value for insurance purposes. Jean Pollard has many years of experience in valuing hand knotted rugs and her judgement is respected by New Zealand insurance companies.

How to get there

Camrose Place is in Ilam off Solway Avenue, off Maidstone Road, just around the corner from the College of Education.



Rugs which are important to you and have become damaged through wear or staining or attacked by pets (even rabbits!) can usually be repaired in the hands of a skilled restorer.  A damaged area can be rewoven to represent as accurately as possible, the original structure, design and colour. Some rugs, particularly if valuable, may be restored completely, but others may need only a simpler repair job to stop further deterioration. Fendalton Rugs provides an expert repair service for oriental rugs

Interior design consultancy

Graduating with Distinction in Interior Design and Decor and with long experience in the field, Jean is equipped to give sound and practical advice in all aspects of interior design and décor.

Wellington customers

Rugs for cleaning, repair or valuation may be picked up from and returned free of charge to customers living within 10km of the city centre.

Ring Jean for details: 03 3587943.